BrewDog Franklinton (463 W. Town Street)

Stage 1: 2.4 Miles

Follow McDowell south and turn left onto Rich Street.

Cross the River and enter the Lower Scioto Greenway on your right. Follow the Lower Scioto Greenway through the Scioto Audubon Metropark along the River, keeping to the right. Exit at Whittier Street.

Turn left on Front Street.

Turn right on Frankfort Street.

Turn left on High Street. Arrive at Antiques on High on the right.

Antiques on High (714 S High St)

Stage 2: 1.5 Miles

Continue north on High Street, turn right on Stimmel Street.

Turn right on 3rd Street. Follow 3rd Street until it ends at Schiller Park, enter the park.

Follow trails through the park and exit on Deshler Avenue, turning left.

Turn left on Parsons Avenue. Arrive at Buns & Brews on the right.

Buns & Brews (970 Parsons Ave)

Stage 3: 1.3 Miles

Continue north on Parsons Avenue.

Turn right on Oak Street. Arrive at Gemüt Biergarten on the left.

Gemüt Biergarten (734 Oak St)

Stage 4: 2.0 Miles

Backtrack on Oak Street, crossing Parsons Avenue and continuing west.

Turn right on Grant Avenue.

Turn left on Spring Street.

Turn right on Front Street. Arrive at the North Market on the right. Volunteers will be in the parking lot on the east side of the Market.

North Market (59 Spruce St)

Stage 5: 3.1 Miles

Continue north on Park (Front) Street. Enter Goodale Park.

Follow trails through the park and exit on Dennison Avenue, turning right.

Turn left on 1st Avenue.

Turn right on Hunter Avenue.

Turn left on 5th Avenue. Arrive at Sweet Carrot on the left.

Sweet Carrot (1417 W. 5th Avenue)

Stage 6: 4.0 Miles

Turn left on Grandview Avenue.

Enter the Lower Scioto Greenway at the base of Grandview Avenue, on the left.

Follow the Lower Scioto Greenway east, exiting at Souder Avenue, turning left.

Turn left on Broad Street.

Turn right on McDowell Street.

Turn left on Town Street. Arrive at Land-Grant Brewing on the left.

Land-Grant Brewing Co. (424 W. Town Street)

Total Length: 14.3 Miles

Elevation Changes: +368ft/-362ft

Steepest Incline: +3.9% (Exiting the Lower Scioto Greenway at Front St)

Steepest Decline: -7.1% (Exiting Grandview on Grandview Ave)