Host Announcement: BrewDog Franklinton

Ichabod and the team are beyond thrilled to make the final stop announcement for the 2018 Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Tour - the BrewDog Franklinton taproom has graciously offered to host our starting grid! The folks at BrewDog have been making world-renowned beer for over a decade, and the Columbus area is truly fortunate to be the home to their US production facility and several of their taprooms. The Franklinton location is the newest, and their rooftop patio has quickly become one of the best summer hangouts in the Capital City.

Founded in Scotland in 2007, BrewDog has experienced meteoric expansion over the last ten years, fueled by a combination of savvy marketing, a reality TV series, a unique business model, and most importantly, great beer! Their beer has one awards across the world in major competitions, and is now available on tap right here in Franklinton. Like what you drink? Their Equity for Punks program allows you to own a piece of the action by making a micro-investment in the company - joining more than 80,000 other Equity Punks worldwide.

BrewDog is no stranger to cycling. Their Chain Gang is a global cycling club spreading the gospel of bikes and beers. They don't have a chapter in Columbus yet - let's change that, Pedalers! Be sure to get to BrewDog early - sign in and live registration starts at 11:00 on Sunday, October 28, and they will be open and ready to draw a pint for you while you wait for the Pumpkin Pedaler to begin at noon!