Host Announcement: Bake Me Happy

Ichabod and the team are very excited to announce the first new stop for 2018! Our friends at Bake Me Happy, located at the corner of 4th and Moler Street in Merion Village, have generously offered to throw open their doors for our riders this fall. Their amazing selection of gluten-free treats span sweet and savory, from nostalgic to modern.

Ichabod's family have been big fans of Bake Me Happy for some time. Their oatmeal creme cloud has been Mrs. Pedaler's favorite treat since we discovered them at Hill's Market last summer, and the little Pedalers fight over who gets what half of the rice krispie treat. Once Ichabod realized the brick-and-mortar location was on the way home from work, it became a favorite visit after a long day.

Much like our family brought us to the Pumpkin Pedaler, a gluten intolerance in the Bake Me Happy family led to their diet changes and subsequent business. But make no mistake - this isn't just a gluten-free bakery. The food and coffee are both amazing, regardless of your tolerance for gluten. Made from the best products, many locally sourced, the treats at Bake Me Happy are baked with care in a way that makes you forget the missing gluten.