May 19th Kiva Zip Funding Update

I wanted to take a moment this evening to thank everyone who has contributed to our Kiva Zip campaign so far. Less than a week of public fundraising and we are nearly to 40%! Thank you to the generosity of Capital One, who has been matching individual contributions up to $100.


Tonight I wanted to share a bit of our story with you. Our daughter, pictured here, will be eight in September. Last March, she was diagnosed on the autism spectrum as high functioning, or what was previously called Asperger's Syndrome. As she has grown as a young lady, we noticed some of her social interaction was odd or forced and had worried about some of her compulsive behavior. The autism diagnosis was a shock to us, but it was also a relief. Fortunately, with applied behavioral therapy and special care, she is thriving at school and enjoys a variety of extra curricular activities. Cycling is something she loves, and Halloween is her favorite holiday - so the Pumpkin Pedaler was born out of her favorite things.

Our event is more than a ride - it is a way for our Foundation to engage Columbus in a discussion about autism awareness. So many people who have a child with special needs seem afraid to acknowledge it or discuss it - this needs to change! Our ride gives an opportunity for the autism community and the cycling community to get together and enjoy a casual, late fall ride in support of autism awareness, education, and research. Last year, I financed the bulk of the ride myself, with help from several key private donors. This year, I'm asking for YOUR help! Share this Kiva Zip Campaign with your friends, let's get it funded and make Pedaler 2.0 one for the record books!