Volunteer Opportunities

The Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run is run completely through volunteer effort. Without the efforts of our family of volunteers, the Pumpkin Pedaler would never have experienced the growth it has over the past few years. Come join the fun! We are always looking for volunteers to help on the day of the Pumpkin Pedaler, in the planning stages, and throughout the year with other events and programs sponsored by stART Columbus, our parent foundation.


Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run: An event like this needs all the help it can get! We need volunteers to man each of our stops in the Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run and to help with the Registration and Finish Line. Event day volunteers assist riders at the registration area, distribute cards and mark scorecards at the stops, and calculate the winners. Our inaugural tour in 2015 was supported by thirteen generous volunteers who gave up part of their weekend to make the ride a success - and our family continues to grow! The Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run operates entirely on volunteer support, and we are indebted to the support of our Pumpkin Pedaler family - volunteers will receive a complimentary Pumpkin Pedaler t-shirt, a meal at or near their stop, and a drink compliments of Ichabod at the Finish Line.

Planning and Support: The Pumpkin Pedaler and stART Columbus need plenty of help with planning and support of our events, including the annual Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run in Columbus. Any skills you have that you can add to our team would be greatly appreciated. As a non-profit, we are in need of legal and accounting advice, organizational and marketing experts, and of course anyone willing to donate their time to our cause - raising awareness of autism spectrum disorder while having fun! Since our primary fundraising event is a bicycle tour, anyone who is a cyclist or has a talent in that field is also welcome.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Pumpkin Pedaler or with stART Columbus, please email us and Ichabod and the team will respond promptly: ichabod@pumpkinpedaler.com