BrewDog Franklinton (463 W. Town Street)

Stage 1: 3.2 Miles

Follow McDowell south into the Dodge Recreation Center area and enter the Lower Scioto Greenway, heading left along the Scioto River towards Main Street.

Cross the River and head left, following the Lower Scioto Greenway through the Scioto Audubon Metropark along the River, keeping to the right. The Greenway will follow Whittier, and then Front Streets before exiting at Greenlawn and proceeding east, towards High Street.

Cross High Street to proceed east on Thurman (this can be done from Greenlawn or from the parking lot immediately north). Turn right on 4th Street.

Follow 4th Street south, minding the shift east at Hanford Street. The first stop will be on the right at the corner of 4th and Moler Streets. Volunteers are inside.

Bake Me Happy (106 E. Moler Street)

Stage 2: 2.8 Miles

From 4th Street, turn right on Moler Street, proceeding west across High Street.

Turn right on Front Street. Follow Front Street through the Brewery District into Downtown. The second stop will be on the right at the corner of Front and Vine Streets. Volunteers will be in the parking lot on the east side of the building with the Farmer’s Market.

North Market (59 Spruce street)

Stage 3: 1.5 Miles

From Front Street, turn right on Vine Street.

Turn right on High Street.

Turn left on Main Street.

Turn left on 4th Street. The third stop will be on the right, just north of Main Street. Volunteers will be inside.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice (268 S. 4th Street)

Stage 4: 2.4 Miles

Continue north on 4th Street through Italian Village.

Turn left on 5th Avenue. The fourth stop will be on the right at the corner of 5th and Courtland Avenues. Volunteers will be inside.

Brothers Drake Meadery (26 E. 5th Avenue)

Stage 5: 2.1 Miles

Continue west on 5th Avenue through Harrison West into Grandview. The fifth stop will be on the left at the corner of 5th and Grandview Avenues. Volunteers will be inside.

Sweet Carrot (1417 W. 5th Avenue)

Stage 6: 4.4 Miles

Turn left on Grandview Avenue. Enter the Lower Scioto Greenway on the left side of the road, near the Sunoco station just south of Dublin Road. Take the right trail to head towards Downtown.

As you approach Franklinton, loop to the left to follow Souder Drive across the Scioto River – look for the Orange Barrel Media tower. Immediately after the bridge, rejoin the Greenway to the left.

Follow the Greenway along the River, finding a safe place to exit near COSI. There are several options, including exiting at Broad Street and following Washington Blvd. past COSI, or you can stay on the Greenway and exit at Town Street.

Turn right on Town Street. The final stop is on the right. Volunteers will be inside, and music will be outside! Join October Ember and Blue Spectrum for a free all-ages show beginning at 4:30pm.

Land-Grant Brewing Co. (424 W. Town Street)

Total Length: 16.4 Miles

Elevation Changes: +350ft/-347ft

Steepest Incline: +4.0% (Entering Grandview on 5th Ave)

Steepest Decline: -6.4% (Exiting Grandview on Grandview Ave)