2015: Make it Across!

The theme of the 2015 Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run was “Make It Across,” inspired by the climactic scene in Washington Irving’s famous short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The route culminated in the crossing of the Scioto River to arrive at the final stop in Franklinton, much like Ichabod Crane crossed the covered bridge in Sleepy Hollow trying to escape the Headless Horseman.

Our inaugural tour began at the 400 West Rich Street Arts Complex and featured stops at Red Velvet Cafe, Yellow Brick Pizza, Once Ridden Bikes, Lost Weekend Records, DareDevil Dogs, the North Market, and Land-Grant Brewing Company. Forty-two riders and thirteen volunteers participated, raising over $1200 for Autism Speaks and the Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation. The tour was approximately fourteen miles.

Prizes and Winners

amandak15Amanda K. - Grand Prize Winner

GRAND PRIZE (Best Poker Hand): (Four of a Kind – 5s) “Congratulations, to the premier poker pedaler! Ichabod and the team are thrilled to award your achievement with the first ever GRAND PRIZE package for the 2015 Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run. First and foremost, your trophy – a commissioned piece by local mixed media artist Daric Gill, “Headless,” which Mrs. Pedaler will be sorry to see leave our shelf. As a nod to partner CD102.5, please enjoy two tickets to the CD102.5 Holiday Show, featuring Silversun Pickups, Foals, Wolf Alice, Circa Waves, and more! Where better to have dinner before the show than CD102.5’s own Big Room Bar, located above the station – you’ll receive a $20 gift card for food and beverages, plus a $10 gift card to use at the show for refreshments. As an elite champion, you’ll want to relive your glory days. We’re glad to make it happen! You’ll receive a poker kit with cards and chips, and a $10 gift card to each of our stops: Red Velvet Cafe, Yellow Brick Pizza, Lost Weekend Records, DareDevil Dogs, the North Market, and Land-Grant Brewing. You’re bike will get a treat too – a $25 gift card to our midway sponsor, Once Ridden Bikes. Not enough? We agree. As supporters of autism awareness, we like to spread the word about others who… spread the word. You’ll receive a collection of Halloween themed handmade soaps from our friends at Sudz4Autism and a handmade necklace from our friends at Geneva’s Sky – both are wonderful shops that use their products to raise autism awareness. Last, but certainly not least, you shouldn’t be jealous of any other prize winner, so you will get the same locally handmade hat that the Euchre for a Point winner will be wearing. You made it across, my friend!”

Euchre for a Point: (Right, Ace, Low Card of Trump) “Euchre really is a Midwest phenomenon – if you start talking about it outside the heartland, most people respond with, 'that’s like hearts (or spades), right?'  Congratulations on collecting the best euchre hand, and since euchre is a local game, you get a local prize!  Of course you’ll have a Griffen Hollow Studio award to set on your shelf at home.  Then, you and a friend will enjoy an awesome night of local music on Friday, November 13.  Grab dinner at Yellow Brick Pizza with a $20 gift card, then make your way to the A&R Music Bar to catch local bands Playing to Vapors, Nick D’ and the Believers, and the Wet Darlings.  You’ll get two tickets to the show, plus a $10 gift card for refreshments.  You’ll want to remember the experience forever, so we’re excited to include copies of each band’s latest CD, autographed by the artists.  Lastly, to protect your ears between listening sessions, you’ll receive an adult sized, hand made knit cap (pumpkin, of course) from our friends at the Pink Woobie.  This prize package is valued at over $150!”

amandao15Amanda O. - Euchre for a Point

kathleenk15Kathleen K. - Worst Poker Hand

Worst Poker Hand: (10-6-4-3-2) “So you ended up with no face cards, nothing matches, and your highest card is a seven.  In Vegas you’d be sleeping in a gutter, but at the Pumpkin Pedaler, we take care of you, holder of the Worst Poker Hand.  We wouldn’t want you to forget your disastrous hand, so you will receive a custom, locally made trophy from Griffen Hollow Studio.  Music cures all wounds, so make another trip to Lost Weekend Records with a $10 gift card, and buy some vinyl to play while you cry in the corner.  Sometimes, music needs a little… push… to work, so get out take the edge off at Land-Grant on us – we’ll give you a $10 gift card there, too.  Finally, since it was a “Long Way Down” to get you this awful hand, on Friday, November 6, be our guest to see Robert DeLong perform at the A&R Music bar, and bring a friend.  We’ll kick in a $10 gift card to take care of drinks there, and a $10 gift card to the North Market so you can grab a snack before the show.  This prize package is valued at over $100!”

Most Interesting Wheels: “Congrats on having the Most Interesting Wheels at the 2015 Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Poker Run!  Ichabod would like to reward you for your dedication to decking out your bike.  First, here is a custom, locally made plaque from Griffen Hollow Studios to forever secure your bragging rights among other pedalers.  We’d like to give you the opportunity to make your wheels even sweeter: make another stop at Once Ridden Bikes and gear up with a $50 Gift Certificate.  Since your bike will be out of action, we want to make sure you aren’t: we’re including three day passes for CoGo Bike Share.  And we know all the pedaling and wrenching will make you hungry: grab a bite at DareDevil Hot Dogs with a friend on us, using a $20 gift card.  This prize package is valued at over $100!”

bryanb15Bryan B. - Most Interesting Wheels

Photo Albums

A very special thank you to Stephanie Ewen of Stephanie Ewen Design and Photography and Allie Acosta-Krafft of Allie's Originals for donating your time and talent to photograph our inaugural event. Thank you to the participants who shared your photographs as well. The Pumpkin Pedaler team has now posted all photos from the 2015 Pumpkin Pedaler, organized by stop. Please click below to view the galleries by location:

15400wrse038400 West Rich

15redvelbarr003Red Velvet Cafe

15ybpse003Yellow Brick Pizza

15orbse001Once Ridden Bikes

15lostse007Lost Weekend Records

15darese001DareDevil Hot Dogs

15northse002The North Market

15landaop045Land-Grant Brewing