The Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Tour

The Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Tour was first held on Saturday, October 31, 2015. Over the past three years, the Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation has been honored to host riders from throughout Ohio and beyond as they explore our amazing city. The ride operates as a Poker Run - riders stop at various locations along the route and collect a playing card. At the end of the ride, the rider with the best poker hand wins the Grand Prize. A second prize is offered for the Worst Poker Hand, and over the years prizes have been offered for the Most Interesting Wheels (2015, 2016, 2017) and for the Best Euchre Hand (2015).

The Route is planned in advance, and includes stops at local businesses throughout Columbus. Some stops are perennial favorites, such as the North Market and Land-Grant Brewing (2015 - 2018). Others come and go each year - the goal is to keep the ride fresh, and to introduce riders to new experiences. Beginning in 2018, the stops will be announced weekly, beginning in July.

The distance of the ride is approximately fifteen miles. Terrain is undulating, and the Route is designed to be simple enough for a novice or inactive rider, but interesting enough for a more experienced cyclist. In 2015, the Route was primarily North-South, but in following years persistent construction on High Street in the Short North and Campus areas have dictated a primarily East-West layout. Following the completion of the Lower Scioto Greenway in 2016, sections of this riverfront trail have been included in the Route.